Loving our game!

As people are discovering our game, we add our favorite reviews to this thread - and this is DEFINITELY one of our favorites, received this afternoon:

We love it! I'd been thinking about getting one for a while now after seeing all the rave reviews, but they were sold out...always a great sign! They restock pretty quickly which is exciting, so when they did I made sure I got one right away. My daughter and I played it that night after dinner, the whole family was loving it! It only took a few minutes to learn, the rules are simple but the strategy is exciting! We absolutely love that you can change up your game play to make things more or less challenging depending on who you're playing with, or even do a 'sprint' version for a quick game if you like. As a parent, I love that the game literally takes seconds to set up and put away, that's definitely a bonus feature. The 'look' of the game is gorgeous too! The hand crafted wooden board is beautiful, and the marbles add the perfect touch. I'm buying one for my parents next week because I know they'll love one in their RV!

Angie Friesen Ross & Family