Gambit goes to the UK!

Yesterday I met up with a long-time friend for a coffee, and she brought along her daughter and her friend who currently lives in Britain. The restaurant we met at was Mr Mikes, and they have Gambit available for their guests to try out so we set the game up and had a few rounds.

Her friend, as it turns out, works in a veteran's hospital in the UK, and after watching our game play identified Gambit as a game that would be perfect for patients at her facility, particularly those with brain injuries rediscovering their fine motor skills.

She picked up a Gambit Board from me, and packed it in her luggage with plans to demonstrate it for the staff at her facility. If all goes well, this may be the first of many boards to find its way into the UK in similar facilities.

As the inventor, I can think of no better use for Gambit than helping recovering veterans, and giving them some quality one-on-one time with family members as they are brought back to health.